A magic pump

The Haakaa — a one-piece silicone breast pump ($17.99) — has become THE next big thing in on-the-go nursing, and for good reason.

The pump — known as a “passive” pump because it requires no motor or even manual pumping — relies on the mother’s natural letdown reflex, making it an ideal device for relieving pressure when you’re away from Baby. It can also be used as a companion during nursing: While your child is feeding, you can use it to collect all the letdown milk from the other side (which would otherwise be lost into a breast pad).

You simply place the top of the pump over your breast — making sure your nipple is in the neck of the pump (and comfortable) — and then apply suction. Adjust as needed; then squeeze the base of the pump to start the flow of milk. Once milk begins to flow, you simply leave the pump alone to do its thing. 

Haakaa, alas, can’t stand in for moms who are exclusively pumping. But our tester mama, who discovered this for Baby No. 2, called this invention “magic” and “a godsend.” 

Many moms recommend the whimsical flower stopper (sold separately) to prevent spills. 

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