A new CD!

Fans of the Okee Dokee Brothers, rejoice! 

Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander are back with a new album after a two-year hiatus — following the third release in their Adventure Album Series, Saddle Up, which followed Can You Canoe? and Through the Woods.

What’s the theme? Winter!

No, this album isn’t based on an epic adventure to a specific region. (Mailander, who lives in Minneapolis, was busy after all, welcoming his first-born son into the world. Meanwhile, Lansing, who lives in Denver, got married in Nepal.) 

Winterland, set for an Oct. 19 release, is a celebration of all things cold and, you might even say, hygge, the Scandinavian term for cozy contentment, especially when it’s icy and dark.


Speaking of the North, 10 percent of all new-CD sales and ticket sales from the CD-release concerts in St. Paul on Nov. 3 will go to Askov Finlayson’s Keep the North Cold climate-solutions initiative. 

And that’s not the only local connection to the album: Jovial songs like Ice Fishin’ Shack, Blankets of Snow and North Country Dance Band serve as fitting tributes to real life in Minnesota, along with more introspective songs like Candle (about birth), New Year (life), Great Grandmother Tree (death).

Fans will find many toe-tapping gems among the 16 original songs — including Howl (inspired by the best buds’ dogsledding trip to the Boundary Waters) and the rowdy, fiddle-forward Keep Me Warm — in which the duo somehow manage to deliver lines like, “Wrap me up and give me a hug. Keep me snug as a bug in rug,” while still sounding cool.

Yep, the Okee Dokees are back. Bring on the snow! 

Learn more at okeedokee.org.

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