A new indoor play space!

Where can you beat the heat with little ones this summer? 

Answer: The MiniSota Play Cafe in Champlin, founded by a local mother of two!  

Here parents can sip cups of bottomless Peace Coffee ($3) while the kids explore “Minnesota in miniature,” including the City of Mini Grove — complete with a grocery store, hardware shop, hair salon, post office, jail, hospital and music studio. 

The venue — which puts a heavy emphasis on imaginative play — also has a separate area called Infant Grove Heights, geared toward not-yet-walking babes.

Infant Grove Heights

At Lake Minitonka, children can take a boat for a cruise, do some magnetic fishing or join dance parties, yoga or music classes, crafts and other group activities, offered as part of in-house Caretaker Coffee Breaks.

The Voyager’s Cafe, meanwhile, offers espresso drinks, hot chocolate, Italian sodas, smoothies and packaged snacks and beverages.

Kid admission is $5 for ages 6–12 months, $10 for ages 1–9 and $3 for ages 10 and up. Adult admission (usually $3) is free with a drink purchase.

Discover 35 local indoor play spaces at mnparent.com/indoor.