Beanstack books for your child

The Saint Paul Public Library is the first library in the state to offer a new — free — children’s book-recommendation service called Beanstack for ages infant to 12. 

Families anywhere can sign up for book-recommendation emails based on their children’s reading skills, age and interests such as “Ninjas, Pirates and Warriors,” “Diverse Main Characters” and “Not So Pink Girls.”

Kids can also earn virtual badges by logging books they’ve read. 

In addition to book recommendations, weekly emails also include family events happening at St. Paul libraries, plus reading tips to go specifically with each book.

A recent tip that went with the recommendation of The Three Ninja Pigs (set in Japan) said: “After reading: Introduce the term ‘setting’ to your child and explain that this means where the story takes place. Find Japan on a map with your child. Next, look for images throughout the book that suggest Japan is the setting (Mount Fuji, Japanese architecture, Japanese writing, Japanese clothing and cherry blossoms).”

Beanstack also includes a rich database of books to explore — though you’ll need a Saint Paul Public Library card to add them to your wish list or reading log.

If you already have a card from another local library, however, you can simply register your card with the Saint Paul Public Library system. Find out how at