Bedtime game-changer?

Are you sick of bedtime battles and — when you do finally get your kid in bed — the same old picture books?

Well, maybe we parents ought to change things up a bit.

John Olive, a Minneapolis father, author and playwright, has a suggestion: Put the books aside once in a while. Instead, dim the lights, lie down and make up your own stories. How? 

Olive’s new book — Tell Me A Story In The Dark: A Guide to Creating Magical Bedtime Stories for Young Children, due out March 17 — teaches parents how to tell stories, including how to adapt classic tales especially for their children, and how to make up their own exciting narratives.

Storytelling, according to Olive, offers enormous benefits for families, including better parent-child relationships, expanded kid vocabularies and maybe even an end to those bedtime battles of wills. Learn more at or