Decadent date night

A three-course dinner for two, plus a bottle of wine — for $50? Yes! And the cheers grow louder as we hear that the restaurants involved are D’Amico properties, owned by some of the nicest people in the business. Every Sunday, D’Amico Date Night is in full force at Masa, Parma 8200, Café Lurcat, and more. Make your reservations online to ensure you get your fill of gnocchi, braised chicken, roasted oyster mushrooms, gorgonzola … or sauteed Florida gulf shrimp with toasted garlic, chipotle in adobo and lime and cilantro rice … or will it be Berkshire pork tenderloin with fig compote, roasted onions and St. Pete’s Select blue cheese? Luckily, there’s no stopping you from going every Sunday night. Visit for more information.



Batter up! 

For the baseball or softball fanatic in the family, MNP found a unique necklace made from the genuine leather and thread used to make official baseballs and softballs. According to legend (where this legend arose, MNP does not know), wearing the Cool Baseball Necklace may even make your athlete play better! Visit for more info or to order; about $15.



Will to win scholarship opportunity

The Will to Win Scholarship Program, available to high school seniors with asthma, will award two $5,000 scholarships in each of the following categories: performing arts, visual arts, community service, athletics, and science. The Will to Win Scholarship encourages young people with asthma to lead active, healthy lives and pursue their dreams. Students can learn more about the scholarship and apply at Application deadline is April 30. 



New book! hot sweaty mamas

Give it up for Laurie Kocanda and her writing partner Kara Thom, on the publication of their new book, Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom, published March 29. Like a girlfriend’s guide to balancing fitness and motherhood, the authors speak to moms ranging from those who realize they need to stay active to lose weight to those trying to achieve personal bests — to everyone in between. In lively, conversation-style prose, the two answer questions such as, “I know this is good for me, but do I look as silly as I feel?” as well as eradicate excuses as to why so many women don’t take the time for themselves and their health. We won’t divulge all of the “secrets” but rest assured, we are glad they are out.



Supporting our military is a new company that specializes in creating custom handbags and accessories from recycled and loved one’s military fatigues. The company was built upon the belief that their handbags would serve as a personal, constant reminder of loved ones that have just returned from active duty, are presently serving overseas, or have sacrificed their lives serving our country. You can also select a handbag or accessory made from a donated uniform, if you don’t know anyone serving in the military. In addition, between 10 and 15 percent of each sale is donated to charities specifically benefiting troops and their families. “To get started simply select your desired handbag or accessory design on our website, mail us your fatigues with name tags and patches, and we’ll reimburse your postage fee up to seven dollars,” said Eve Baum, founder. For more information, or to order visit



Prenatal yoga dvd

From our friends at Blooma Yoga Studio in southwest Minneapolis comes Be Blooma Well Prenatal Yoga, new on DVD. Taking you from the yoga mat to the birthing room, Blooma founder Sarah Longacre guides you through a powerful, uplifting yoga practice designed to open your hips, strengthen your body, and set your mind at ease for birth. Discover how your yoga poses and breathing practices become comfort measures for labor and recovery. Then, celebrate the first, intimate moments of new motherhood as Blooma mamas share their personal birthing day videos. The DVD is $24.99 and can be ordered online at



Simply saline

Our testers gave Simply Saline Nasal Mist a thumbs up! One parent said, “It’s awesome!” Made from just purified water and salt (all natural ingredients), the products are touted to be 100% safe for your family (even infants) and help alleviate runny noses. The comforting mist is derived from only natural ingredients, posing no known side effects. The container holds no CFCs and will not damage delicate nasal tissue., about $4.



Pregnant with multiples?

With April being Multiple Birth Awareness month, we thought we would give a shout out to For Multiples Maternity, a new line of maternity clothing for expectant mothers of twins and multiples. Launched by two Atlanta parents following their own struggle to find maternity clothing during two sets of twin pregnancies, the line includes designer dresses, tunics, and pants that are produced using American-made materials. The line comprises fashionable casual clothes, as well as professional office attire, that can accommodate an expanding belly without upsizing the entire garment. Though specialty made, the clothing is competitively priced. Pants retail around $64 and tunics around $89. For more info, visit

Allergen free jelly beans

According to the Centers for Disease Control, upwards of 8% of American children and 2% of adults are afflicted with food allergies. For reasons not fully understood, the prevalence of food allergies seems to be increasing.  Approximately 90% are caused by the so-called “Big 8 Allergens”: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and gluten. What sets Gimbal’s Jelly Beans apart is that it does not allow any of the Big 8 in any of its confections or its facilities, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination on production or packaging equipment. Oh, and yes — the beans are delicious. To order, go to