Ladybugs and Lullabies hair clips

These hip hair toys for cool kids actually stay put—even on hair as fine as peach fuzz. The special shape of the clip provides an optimal amount of hold that has been proven to stay in just a few strands of hair. Check out these no-slip bows and clips at

Special needs apps

Apps for Children with Special Needs (a4cwsn) is a website committed to helping the families and caregivers of children with special needs and the wider community of educators and therapists who support them, by producing videos that demonstrate how products designed to educate children and build their life skills really work from a user perspective. The aim is that these videos, along with relevant information and advice from an independent and trusted source, provides valuable insight into whether a product is suitable for its intended purpose or not, enabling sensible buying decisions to be made. Go to to learn more.

It may not be a sugar rush

Halloween candy and kids usually go hand in hand, but it’s hard to contend with the hyperactive behavior—or what you may think is a sugar high—after your kid has consumed a few too many. Be tempted to place all the blame on the sugar, but it could also be a reaction to the synthetic-based food dyes and other additives in the treats. A recent Food and Drug Administration panel recently concluded that synthetic food dyes can have a detrimental effect on some children’s behavior and narrowly rejected requiring warning labels on foods containing these additives. So, how do you I.D. the culprits? They’re pretty easy to see: they will be the yellow, red, green, blue candies—pretty much anything brightly colored. If you would like to read more about this, see the New York Times’ March 29, 2011 article, F.D.A. Panel to Consider Warnings for Artificial Food Colorings; email for a pdf copy of the FDA background document; or visit for further information.

Mine for Nine

With an ever-growing body, it can be challenging to stay fashionable and not break the bank. is an online boutique that allows women to borrow maternity clothes at 75 percent off the retail price instead of investing in a new wardrobe that becomes obsolete after the baby is born. For example, instead of spending $85 for a new work blouse, you can borrow four for the same amount. Browse the site, find something that fits your style and then choose whether you want to borrow or buy it. Evening gowns are also available. A Patsy Drape Silk Dress retailing for $254 is available to borrow for $64. Each “like new” item is professionally dry cleaned and inspected before being lent. Visit for more info.