Cool posters

We’re swooning over the modern designs coming out of Telegraph Paper Co., the brainchild of graphic designer and painter Lindsey Anderson of Moorhead.


Anderson started out selling greeting cards. But then after spending time with her niece and her friends’ kids, she was inspired to switch gears to create educational, color posters for youngsters. 

“I noticed how eager and excited they were about learning new things and I absolutely loved the passion they had for learning,” said Anderson. 


Her hand-illustrated, educational prints come in 8x10 and 11x14 sizes and cost $20 and $39.50 with topics including dinosaurs, deep-sea fish, butterflies, planets, constellations, grammar and even morse code!  

“My goal is to inspire kids to keep being curious and to want to learn more about the world around us — and beyond,” Anderson said. 


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