Embrace those curls!

All hair is good hair. 

That’s the motto of Melissa Taylor, a local mama, professional stylist and the owner of The Beauty Lounge salon in Northeast Minneapolis.

Melissa Taylor

Her mission — in addition to running a full-service hair and makeup salon — is to help Twin Cities’ kids embrace their curly or textured hair, especially biracial or multiracial children whose parents might not have grown up styling anything other than straight hair. 

Though women today still chemically alter or straighten their hair, there’s great beauty — and empowerment — in embracing one’s naturally beautiful curls and ringlets.

It’s just a matter of knowing how. So Taylor has been offering in-person, hands-on classes for parents. (Heads up: Another round of Kids’ Hair Fundamentals will be offered in February for $75.) And an e-course is coming in the new year as well ($99).

The Beauty Lounge

“One of the biggest things I teach is language. Never say, ‘Your hair is nappy.’ Never say it is ‘difficult.’ Speak positively,” Taylor told KARE 11-TV in a recent story about hair challenges. “Unfortunately, since the parent is dealing with hair that is not like theirs, it can be challenging. It is not that it’s more difficult. They are just not accustomed to it.”

 Learn more at mplsbeautylounge.com or call 612-227-9363.