Explore the Twin Cities with a cool, local app

Traveling around Minneapolis-St. Paul just got a lot more fun! Kid Around Town, a new free app by Twin Cities app designer and mama Aneela Kumar, is a family-friendly travel guide to top destinations around the Cities, featuring virtual scavenger hunts, trivia questions, photo challenges and a variety of other city “missions.”

Developed for ages 6 to 12, the app encourages interactivity between kids, parents and their surroundings. 

Kid Around Town boasts a motto of “Turn screen time into ‘explore the world’ time,” based on the idea that screens use among kids is inevitable, so it may as well be educational, too. 

For example, if you accept a mission on the Wild Rumpus Bookstore page of the app, you’ll be asked to shake the phone to start: “Let’s see your skills, agent. Do five challenges to earn your passport stamp.” Photo challenges include things like: “Look up! Take a photo of what you see.” And “Are you taller than the purple door? Take a photo to check.” Multiple-choice trivia questions include: “Where can you find a sign that says ‘Incipiat Tumultus Saevus?’” and “Which book was the inspiration for the name of the store?” 

The ultimate goal to play and explore together — kid around — as a family to create lasting memories.