Green up your Easter

When you’re a parent, it’s hard to avoid the copious amounts of plastic that come into your life, especially during holidays.

This year for Easter, however, we’ve found a way to help you green things up a bit.

Meet Eco Eggs! These reusable eggs are made from 100 percent renewable plant-based ingredients — not petroleum, like traditional plastics. Of course, you can reuse the eggs every year, but they also can be composted in commercial composting facilities, since they’re made of BPA-free plastic derived from corn starch.

Eco Eggs is a new sustainable division of Maud Borup, a Minnesota-based wholesale candy and gourmet-food gift company under the ownership of Christine Lantinen, whose kids, Bishop, 10, and Miia, 8, serve as taste testers for the company.

Lantinen, of Plymouth, an Army veteran and award-winning entrepreneur, created the line of eggs when she couldn’t find one on the market. 

“We saw an opportunity to make a difference and are proud to bring the business home,” she said.

Look for made-in-the-USA Eco Eggs in two sizes (suggested retail price is $8.99 for 18- and 24-count bags) and eco-friendly recycled/recyclable Eco Grass at Mississippi Market and Creative Kidstuff locations (among other retailers) or at, where you can buy eggs by the case.