Miraculous work

Birth is a universal experience among mothers.

But not all women enjoy the same positive outcomes when it comes to maternal health.

That’s according to the Minneapolis-based nonprofit known as Everyday Miracles, which has been working since 2003 to change that fact by providing doula care, childbirth education, breastfeeding support and more, in cooperation with Medicaid insurance plans.

It’s not an easy task.

In fact, a recent Minnesota Public Radio piece about maternal health in Minnesota showed glaring disparities between white women and women of color, specifically African American women.  

But here’s some good news: Everyday Miracles appears to be making a difference.

Not only does the organization boast a low C-section rate among its clients — 17 percent, far below the 2010 national rate of 32.8 percent — a 2016 study from the University of Minnesota showed that the organization’s clients (who are typically eligible for Medicaid) experienced lower rates of preterm birth and Cesarean births, when compared to other Medicaid patients in the region.

Now here’s where you might come in: Every Miracles’ Karma Program — which is available to anyone — allows families to hire doulas, take classes and use other Everyday Miracles services. Revenue raised from the Karma Program helps families who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

Everyday Miracles today has 45 doulas who reflect the diversity of local families, including immigrants, people of color and of different gender identities. They also support every kind of birth, ranging from planned surgical births to home births in birthing tubs. 

Visit Everyday Miracles at 1121 Jackson St. NE, Suite 119, Minneapolis, and everyday-miracles.org.