On-the-go water for kids!

Most kids love juice boxes. But if you’re trying to cut back on sugar, they’re not a great choice. 

Fortunately, mothers Laurie Ambrose from Chanhassen and Lisa Amundson (a dentist from Woodbury) — sisters who collectively have six kids! — have come up with a cool alternative that’s perfect for families.

Their new kidsWATER drink boxes contain purified, naturally flavored water, packaged in the same fun style of drink boxes kids love.

They contain no dye, no sweeteners, no preservatives, just natural fruit essences derived from plants.

“If you put a slice of lemon in your water, the essence of the lemon would flavor your water,” Ambrose said. “We just decided to make it easy and put it in a drink box.”

Our youngest testers loved these concoctions, including lemon and fruit punch flavors. (A berry flavor is coming later this year.) 

Our older testers — who were accustomed to full-sugar juice boxes — weren’t so sure. 

Our advice? Start them on these when they’re young.

Eight-packs cost $3.99 to $4.99 (or you can buy 32-packs online for $23.99). 

Look for them at Kowalski’s Markets, select Target and Hyvee locations, from Coborns Delivers or at drinkkidswater.com.