Plymouth teen honored

Fourteen-year-old Maria Keller of Plymouth has been named a 2015 honoree by the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes for her non-profit organization, Read Indeed.

Each year, the Barron Prize celebrates 25 inspiring, public-spirited young people who have made a significant positive difference in the world.

Maria was honored for her work in distributing nearly 1.7 million gently used books to low-income children more than 300 schools and organizations in 43 states and 16 countries, all at a value of $4 million.

Maria, an avid reader, was in second grade when she began collecting books for kids, setting a goal of 1 million books by the time she turned 18.

When she met that goal before the age of 13, she revised it to 3 million books and is now working to distribute them to every state in the U.S. and every country in the world.

Maria enlists the help of volunteers — most of them children and teens — who hold book drives and then work with her to identify recipients of the books.

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