Sitter app for parents

Paul and Kristen Abdo (pictured above) of Edina were on their way home from a night out — trying to figure out how long they’d been away and if they had enough cash to pay their sitter — when they realized: There must be an easier way to not only pay the baby sitter, but also to book sitters.

So the parents, who have three kids, created their very own sitter-management app.

Parents can use Mimi to create an event, including the date and time a sitter is needed, their home location, number of kids, hourly pay and special instructions. 

The app then auto-notifies the sitters of the opportunity. Regular sitters can then check availability and respond. Parents can pay sitters through the app, too, eliminating the need for cash.

Mimi also empowers sitters to earn more money by helping them book more sitting jobs: The app alerts parents of their sitters’ availability in advance, allowing parents
to book their nights out. Once an event is agreed upon, it’s added to both the parents’ and sitter’s calendars.

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