Solace for moms

You are enough. And Jacquelyn B. Fletcher’s hand-stamped words — in Dear You: Messages For Moms, released in February ($16.95) — will give you permission to connect fearlessly with that truth. 

Billed as a manifesto for mothers, Fletcher’s latest book (a sweet Mother’s Day gift) features the imagined voice of Your Heart, which gives moms permission to take time off, find ways to connect with their partners and children, and pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Fletcher, a Lakeville mother/stepmother to four kids age 7 to 20, is also the author of Dear Body, Love Me; Dear You: It’s Time for a Leap
of Faith; Dear You: Messages From Your Heart;
and A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom. 

She’s also the co-creator and host of the Healing Words TV show and a founding faculty member of the Creative Writing at the Bedside program, both administered by the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Humanities in Medicine in Rochester.

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