Soups you can sip!

With summer arriving — and a different kind of “busy” coming our way — we know we’re going to need convenience foods (that are also swimsuit-body-friendly).

But that doesn’t have to mean scavenging half-eaten granola bars and the kids’ leftover Goldfish crackers.

Thanks to a local stay-at-home mama, there’s another option — organic, gluten-free, vegan, sippable jars of soup.

Yep, Spoon Optional soups can be sipped right out of the jar chilled or heated (in a different container), if that’s your jam. 

Billed as “a garden in a jar,” each colorful, refrigerated concoction looks like freshly pureed summer. 

What’s the most popular?

“Without question, it’s our Super Greens,” said Spoon Optional founder, Nancy Fink, a Minnetonka mother of three. “All our soups start with a homemade vegetable stock and this one is made with kale, broccoli, spinach, green chard, parsley and has a little cayenne for a kick at the end. I love to drink it warm in the morning — the cayenne gives a nice metabolism boost — or cold right out of the jar. It’s all the leafy greens you’d want to eat in your day, but don’t have the time to shop for or cook yourself.”

We loved the sweetness of the Super Greens, which tasted more like a treat than veggies in a jar.

One of our testers fell in love with the roasted tomato basil soup (a fall option): “It was absolutely delicious. I poured the soup into a glass bowl and microwaved for three minutes, took my first spoon sip and was transported to a rustic homestead kitchen where Ma and Pa sit you down and feed you ingredients from the land. I tasted the health of it.”

Other flavor options — available depending on the season — include Minted Spring Pea, Leek & Garlic; Golden Beet, Apple & Celery; Gazpacho; Carrot Ginger Turmeric; Corn & Yellow Pepper; Pumpkin Spice; and Gingered Yam & Butternut Squash.

Soups are made fresh weekly in a commercial kitchen in St Louis Park and can be found for $9.99 (16 ounces) at the Wedge Community Co-op, the Linden Hills Co-Op, all three Lakewinds Food Co-Op locations and at the Uptown, Grand Avenue and Woodbury Kowalski’s locations (with even more distribution expected this summer). Learn more at