Get personal!

I See Me! 

My Farm Friends from I See Me! — a cool Plymouth-based publishing company — is all about introducing adorable farm animals to kids. This hardcover book comes customized with your child’s name and photo on nearly every page. Its interior pages are glossy and sturdy, not quite board-book quality, but tough and super cute.

Recommended for ages newborn to 6.  • $29.95

Lost My Name

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name and The Little Boy Who Lost His Name tell the story of your child as he or she tracks down all the missing letters of his or her name. Because every name’s unique, each personalized tale features a different cast of characters, all beautifully and whimsically illustrated. Kids with an O in their names will meet the glamorous Ostrich. Those with Bs will cross paths with a sleep-deprived Bear — and so on — all customized to spell out your child’s name. 

Recommended for ages 2 to 6. • $27.99


Put Me in the Story

This company specializes in personalizing popular books such as On the Night You Were Born and I Wished for You: An Adoption Story as well as favorite characters such as The Berenstain Bears and Elmo, using your child’s name throughout the book, plus a photo. Coming soon: Hello Kitty and Charlie Brown personalized books.

Recommended for ages 1 to 8. • $24.99 to 29.99


The World According to ...

The personalization in this book is up to you: First you receive a gift box with markers and questions to ask your child about his or her life. You send your child’s drawings and answers back in the provided return envelope. Pages will be printed, bound and mailed back to you as a completed book. Though no age range is specified for this book (available online only), it’s ideal if your child can somewhat legibly write his or her name, draw a simple self-portrait and answer questions. • $39


Flatten Me

Create a picture book that showcases your child … or your child’s personal hero — Grandma? Grandpa? Dad? Mom? — in pictures! Heroes in the My SuperSomeone books tame zoo animals, jump from the North Pole to Taipei, juggle boulders and chomp on pizza with a silverback gorilla. You can also turn your child, through picture-personalized books, into a mermaid, a pirate, a potty-training pro and other characters.  

Recommended for ages 4 to 104. • $29.95 to $39.95


50 Audiobooks in 1

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader enables parents, grandparents, friends and others to create personalized audio recordings of any illustrated children’s book, so the children in their lives can feel connected to them, even when they’re far away. This device — which can store up to 50 books at a time — attaches to the top of a book and records the user’s voice while tracking each page with a built-in camera. Afterwards, any time the device is re-attached to that book, the camera recognizes the images and plays the appropriate recording for each page.  

Recommended for ages 3 to 8. • $59.99