Guilt-free cookies

It’s inevitable. Christmas cookies, candies and other desserts are about to infiltrate your child’s diet — or try very hard to! But no matter how far off the deep end of indulgence you and your little ones fall this holiday season, you eventually have to get back to “normal” — and dial back the sugar. But instead of switching to carrot sticks on Jan. 1, check out Dick & Jane Smart Educational Snacks. They’re nut-free, low in sugar (5 grams per serving), made with whole grain wheat flour and contain 2 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per serving (delightfully high as cookies go). Are they as tasty as spritz cookies? Nope. But our Minnesota Parent test kids couldn’t get enough of them, maybe because of their educational content — U.S. presidents, English-Spanish translations and states and capitals.

Buy them at and some Whole Foods Market locations. 

$2.99/8-ounce box