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Baby's First Phone

Baby’s First Phone

$9.99 | 18 months and up

Why we love it: We can’t promise Baby won’t still want to hold your phone, but this wooden creation from HABA includes a jingle bell, three push buttons and a screen that rotates — with a cute bear face on one side and a mirror on the other. #babyselfies  

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$14.95 | 6 and up

Why we love it: During home testing, this brain-teasing, 16-gear toy was a hit. Though it was used primarily as fidget (and even a make-believe laser gun), we expect it will have lasting power, thanks to the many challenge cards. 

Where to buy: ABC & Toy Zone (In-store only. Get it online at Fat Brain Toys.)


Hot Wheels PlayTape

Hot Wheels PlayTape

$4.99–$5.99 | 3 and up

Why we love it: InRoad Toys is now offering Hot Wheels-branded painter’s tape, along with curved pieces. We thought it was just a gimmick, but our testers were totally into it.

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Squishy Toys

My Kawaii Squishies 

$14.99 | 3 and up

Why we love it: These lightly scented foam toys from Kiibru — designed to look like animals and, more commonly, food items — are poised to take over fidget spinners as the next big thing. Squish them down to nothing; then watch them magically inflate over and over!

Where to buy: Hub Hobby (In-store only. Get it online at Kawaii Squishy Store.)


Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks

$7.99–$12.99 | 3 and up

Why we love it: Kids can paint without brushes or water with sticks that twist up and down like a glue sticks. You can use them not just on paper, canvas, wood and transparent sheets, but also on windows, where the color dries in 60 seconds or less and can be wiped off easily. 

Where to buy: Creative Kidstuff


Off Bits


$14.95 | 6 and up

Why we love it: If you have a kid who likes to tinker with your toolkit, take a gander at these sets of nuts, bolts, and springs, packed in kits to help kids create robot-like characters.

Where to buyABC & Toy Zone (In-store only. Get it online at Fat Brain Toys.)

Christmas in the Woods

Christmas in the Woods Puzzle 

$7.99 | 3 and up

Why we love it: Fairies and their woodland friends work together to decorate their woodland hollow for Christmas in this darling 20-piece jigsaw.

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