To the Salt Cave!

The Salt Cave — which opened last year in southwest Minneapolis — has expanded by adding a second cave in the basement of its location at 4811 Nicollet Ave. And this cave, loaded with 12,000 pounds of Himalayan rock salt, is tailor-made for kids.

Toys and books are provided to engage children while they experience the health benefits of salt bricks on the cave walls, plus aerosolized salt pumped into the air.

Salt therapy can relieve congestion and flush out allergens, said owner Scott Wertkin.

“It helps reduce the longevity of a cold, symptoms of a cold and symptoms of a headache,” said Wertkin, who become interested in salt therapy when he and his wife, Jenni Dorfsman, were looking for relief for their son, who’s suffered from severe asthma since he was an infant. 

Thanks to the expansion, The Salt Cave can now accommodate more groups that meet for salt yoga or salt meditation — plus more individual and group salt-therapy sessions ($30 for 45 minutes). See class options for kids at