Game on: Suspend and Suspend Jr.

Name of the game: Suspend and Suspend Jr.

Objective: Hang all your pieces, suspended only by other pieces, without causing the whole structure to fall down.

Ages: Ages 8 and older (kids as young as 4 can play the junior edition, pictured above)

Players: 1 to 4

Cost: $16.99–$19.99

Why you’ll love it: This game is simple enough for anyone with sufficient fine-motor skills to play, but it’s endlessly entertaining. Similar to games like Jenga, the goal of not being the one to cause the structure to fall down is a real nail-biter.

Each player strategizes over where to balance their next piece, but with every turn the entire structure changes. You and the kids will be holding your breath and shouts of triumph and defeat are sure to permeate the air.

Where to buy it: Games by James,

This is the first in an ongoing web series of unplugged games to play with kids. Amy Sutton is a St. Paul-based freelance writer and avid player of board games, party games and card games. Follow her continuing Game on board game series all year here