From easy ways to contain food on-the-go, to great flavors you can tuck into a backpack, we love the convenience of our grab and go choices.

Contain it

SNACK-TRAPS are available in a variety of sizes and with add-on accessories like sippy lids and tethers. Our favorite is the Snack-Trap for high chair bound babies, with a suction cup base to keep the cup on the table. No more dishes hitting the floor!; $4 and up 



Bring it

When you have to tote a dish to share, the VONNY CASSEROLE CARRIER is a stylish alternative to wrapping that hot casserole in a bath towel. Completely insulated interior; holds a 13 x 9 dish with no issue. Handy Velcro-open carry handle and two pockets: one inside to hold hot/cold packs and one exterior for serving utensils.; about $45

Micronutrient water

METROELECTRO combines pure water, antioxidants, electrolytes, and zinc to hydrate and protect the body while boosting everyday performance and strengthening the immune system. Contains nothing artificial: No sweeteners, preservatives, sugars, colors, or calories are included, keeping it pure and simple for health-minded individuals and bridging the gap between premium waters and enhanced beverages., about $2 a bottle

Our flavorite fruit

A portable fruit option that allows your kid to eat their favorite fruit flavors during any season. Each STRETCH ISLAND fruit strip has a half serving of real fruit, and only 45 calories. Sweet, chewy and satisfying, this can slip into the smallest pocket for on-the-go.; about 50¢ a strip

Intelligent cookies

Made from all natural, organic, and kosher ingredients, the ORIGINAL SMART COOKIE cleverly disguises vitamin charged produce, including carrots, raspberries, and spinach, which ensures a healthful snack with fruit and vegetables in each bite. Kosher, too. Great for kids who don’t eat their veggies … and adults guilty of the same charge.; about $6 a package