Hot stuff :: Help for new parents

Learning how to care for your new baby is trying enough. Here’s some new products to make life just a smidge easier.

Chill out

New daddy Kyle said he could not get his baby to settle and stop crying. He pulled out the Nap Nanny Chill and, “Bam—he stopped crying and fell asleep.” A portable recliner with contoured sides and safety harness keep the baby secured gently and safely, it’s safe to use on any floor of the house and is great for keeping baby occupied in the same room while you go about your business. Made from light, durable foam and weighing just three pounds, it’s easy to move; though our tester says its size makes it a bit difficult to store. The cover is removable and washable., about $130

Snuggle up

The seated Snugli lets parents adjust the carrier for growing baby and allows them to choose the front, back, or hip position. With new funky designs and cargo pockets for all of baby’s things, moms and dads can easily have their hands free while keeping baby close—and leave their sense of style intact.
ranging from about $40 to about $80

Kiss colic goodbye

It’s estimated that 25% of babies suffer from colic. The MAM BPA-free Anti-colic bottle has a unique venting system that prevents baby from swallowing air while drinking, helping reduce symptoms by up to 80 percent. With the special Silk Teat nipple, your baby will have an easy time transitioning from breast to bottle.
about $13 for a three pack

You need yoomi?

Sixty seconds is all you need to warm up baby’s bottle to natural breast milk temperature with yoomi, the rechargeable bottle warmer. Put the warmer in boiling water for 25 minutes to charge it and it is ready to go whenever (and wherever) you may need it—no plug in necessary.
about $35