Hot stuff :: Pampered pets

Think we cater to our kids? We’re just as indulgent of our pets.


We all want the best for our pampered pets, and these beds certainly deliver. Pet-tested, owner approved beds from P.L.A.Y. let you spoil your pet in the most stylish of ways. If you need any proof that these beds are a hit, check out the website where pictures of sacked-out pooches abound.; about $100 to $180


Probably the slickest pet grooming tool we’ve seen, the Dyson Groom attaches easily to the hose of most Dyson models. Retractable bristles comb away loose fur, and then pull it straight into the vacuum, instead of it ending up on carpets, clothes, or upholstery.; about $70


Dogs love the mud, but they could care less about your carpets and upholstery. Fill the Paw Plunger with water, dip your pup’s feet in and its soft bristles wash up the messiest of paws so you don’t end up with a new mud-colored couch print.; about $30


Your dog might never get tired of playing fetch, but your throwing arm sure can. The Wood Chuck is an eco-friendly, 100% bamboo ball-tosser that allows you to keep up with your pup, throw after throw after throw.; about $25


Wrought iron double diner stand with two stainless steel bowls comes in five sizes, to feed your most persnickety kitty to your most voracious hound. Pet bowls are easy to remove and clean and are offered in a variety of colors to fit any décor. Wrought iron stand is powder coated for maximum strength and durability. Note: enter coupon code L7DF9G6F and save 20% on Amazon.; about $22