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When they’re under the weather, these products will make your kids feel better


The Buzzy system lessens the pain of needles through the use of stimulation and nerve distraction. The palm-sized buzzing “bee” sits on the child’s arm, and uses an ice pack and vibrations to distract nerves in order to reduce needle pain. The company also designed a series of “Bee-Stractor” cards and posters that feature puzzles to help distract your child further while the needle goes in. Clinical trials showed that pain was reduced significantly without compromising procedural success.
about $35


B.R.A.T. Feel Better Drink

Inspired by the “bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast” diet that helps settle kids’ stomachs during the flu, this organic drink was designed to act as a base to re-hydrate and settle upset stomachs, while avoiding common allergens like dairy, gluten, or soy that often make stomach sickness worse. The drink comes in four flavors, has no sugar, and is full of vitamins and calcium.
about $35 for a pack of six


Hot Dogs

Comfort is essential to children when they are feeling under the weather, and this pillow by Aroma Home aims to provide it with warmth and soothing aromatherapy. The soft plush dog exterior is perfect for children to cuddle up with, and the removable inner cushion can be heated in the microwave to turn it into a warm pillow with a relaxing and calming lavender scent.
about $25


Boogie Wipes

Crusty boogers? Runny nose? Yuck. A runny nose is miserable, and regular tissues often cause the skin to dry out or crack, only making things even worse. Boogie wipes keep the nose clean without becoming chapped or irritated, providing relief with gentle moisturizers and a fresh, fruity scent. Plus, kids can’t help but love the name.
about $4 for 30 wipes