hot stuff: travel time

travel time

these useful items are small in size but pack a powerful punch in making your travel experience a happy one


weigh it

With the 50-pound limit for airline luggage, it’s easy enough to weigh your bags at home, but how about when you are on your way back, luggage stuffed with souvenirs? This lightweight hand-held scale slips around your luggage strap. Lift, wait for the beep, and then set your
bag down.; about $20

filter it

WaterGeeks stainless steel filtered water bottles allow you the convenience to fill up on water anywhere and everywhere while traveling. With individual filters in each bottle, it can clean the bad odors, tastes, and contaminants often found in drinking water. Plus, it saves could you some money; no more need to open the hotel room’s over-priced bottle of water, or pack multiple plastic bottles while sight-seeing.; about $25

pack it

Curling iron still hot, but it’s time to go? Not an issue with the Lug Clipper flat iron sleeve. Just slide your hot iron into the lined sleeve, cinch the cord, and you are ready to go.; about $16

squeeze it

These travel-sized bottles are made of squeezable silicone and are approved for airplane carry-ons, are safe for food and are BPA-free. Two clever features: a suction cup on the 2 oz size to allow for quick wall installation; and a “collar” that rotates to let you know what the tube contains, as in shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.; about $20 for a three-pack

warm it

For use on the airplane, a fashionable privacy layer for nursing, or an impromptu picnic blanket, the Chilly Jilly is cozy and wrinkle resistant, and its one-size-fits-all structure makes it the perfect gift when you are unsure of clothing size. Best yet, it compresses into a small bag you can carry with ease.; starting at $35