Tooth fairy fun!

When that first baby tooth starts to wiggle, you know your child is about to hit a major milestone or, rather, a series of milestones: From the age of about 5 to 12, the average child loses 20 baby teeth. 

That’s a lot of visits from the tooth fairy! 

These fun books and keepsakes will help you revel in the excitement, stimulate your child’s imagination and, perhaps, ease some of the fear, annoyance and pain. Who knows: These new toys and gifts might even help you get your kid to brush without a fight! 


Fairy doll

Many parents struggle daily to get their kids to brush, floss and eat right to take care of their teeth. Teeth Fairies — a book and doll set — guides children through the process of losing their baby teeth. Teeth Fairies encourages kids to brush and floss and gives them incentives through their own personal tooth fairy. The fairy comes and goes at the loss of each tooth, and is meant to be reused over the span of tooth loss — which can last about six years! Special pages in the story let you personalize the book for your child. And there’s a page in the back, where you can document details about your child’s teeth and each visit from the tooth fairy.


$49.99 •


Keepsake box

The Twinkle, Twinkle Tooth Fairy Box from the silversmiths at Reed & Barton is a silver-plated embossed locket that tucks neatly under a pillow. It comes with a little star — attached with a small string — that easily hangs out for the tooth fairy. Bonus: You can turn the locket into a personalized gift with engraving for an extra charge ($10). 


$40 •



Tooth pillow

Tug is a special, trustworthy friend of the tooth fairy. He carries a backpack in which to place a tooth on the night your child waits for the tooth fairy to arrive. In the book that comes with this plush toy — Tug and the Tooth — kids can read all about Tug and a little girl named Liza. Together the two embark on an adventure to the land of Tirol, where Liza learns to handle the fear and excitement of losing her first tooth.


$29.95 •