Super s'mores

S’mores are easy: Toast your marshmallow, then squeeze it — and a piece of chocolate —between two graham crackers.

But there’s a serious problem no one ever seems to talk about with this traditional recipe: The chocolate never melts. And the result is a dry treat.

Solution: Use Nutella — silky smooth chocolate-hazelnut spread — instead.

Slather it on a plate of graham cracker squares before you roast your marshmallows. Then roast and assemble. You’ll marvel at how well everything stays in place with no shifting, melting or dripping.

What about jumbo marshmallows?

They’re just too much for standard s’mores (even if you like a high ratio of fluff).

Solution: Cut them in half with kitchen shears or scissors. The resulting marshmallow puck provides the ideal surface area (no more squishing the treat into oblivion to get the fluff to spread out). 

Don’t have a campfire?

If you have a gas cooktop, you can easily roast marshmallows over the open flame if you’re extremely careful. Simply use a regular fork to spear your marshmallow. Hold it about 4 inches over the flame, taking care to make sure it doesn’t catch fire or fall, as you rotisserize.

Nuke ‘em!

Wanna skip the flame? Microwave assembled s’mores for as little as 10 seconds or up to 1 minute (until the marshmallow starts to expand, depending on your microwave). 

Spreadable marshmallows

Another trick: Substitute a few tablespoons of marshmallow creme for regular marshmallows. Check out yummly’s Microwave S’mores Marshmallow Creme Recipes page at with a wealth of ideas, including Easy Indoor No Bake S’mores Bars.


Try some of these other tasty alternatives to a hunk of Hershey’s:

 Peanut butter 

Peanut butter cup 

 Peppermint Patty

 Chocolate-caramel square with sea salt

 Coconut (ideally toasted) plus a chocolate-caramel square to create a Caramel Delight-style s’more!