A bucket list for Minnesota families

Minnesota has so many amazing attractions for families, it’s hard to know where to start. 

Fortunately, Christie Gove-Berg, a Minnesota native, Forest Lake resident and mother of three, has created a handy glossy paperback guidebook: Minnesota Must-See for Families: An A-to-Z List ($12.95), including tourist attractions both natural and urban. 

L is for spotting loons and lady slippers. X is for taking in a game at the Xcel Energy Center. 

D is for Duluth. P is for Pipestone National Monument. B is for Babe the Blue Ox. 

Each page has questions — What sounds did you hear? What surprised you most? — followed by spaces for personalized answers. Because kids are encouraged to write in the book, it can easily become a family journal and keepsake. 

Find it anywhere books are sold, including amazon.com and Red Balloon Bookshop locations in the Twin Cities.