Valerie Moe
Moe-Mama's Must-Haves
Let me begin by making it clear that this post comes from me, Valerie. I wasn’t told to write it; honestly no one at Minnesota Parent knew I was going to write it. With that being said, I have this blog — this platform of communicating with other Minnesota parents — and I feel a sense of responsibility to use it to acknowledge what’s been happening in our state over the past week and a half.The murder of George Floyd has shaken Minneapolis and opened the eyes... more
Coloring contest entries galore!
When I published the post announcing Minnesota Parent’s first-ever coloring contest I was excited and a bit anxious. I wondered: ‘Would people enter? Would kids like to color the sheet I made? What happens if we only get a handful of entries?’We were happily surprised by the number of entries and blown away... more
Coloring contest for your kiddos!
Welcome to Minnesota Parent’s first-ever coloring contest! I’m so excited to share this original coloring sheet I created for all of you on behalf of Minnesota Parent. You might be wondering where this came from since I typically write about different products I’ve used with my kiddos. It’s simple really. With a... more
At home: Evaporation experiment
I know a lot of us are starting #DistanceLearning with our kiddos this week and that can cause some stress or anxiety as we learn to balance working at home with helping our children with their assignments. As a mom of a first-grader as well as 4-year-old twins, needing to come up with my own activities and lessons for Jacob and... more
Easy egg muffins
Let me start by acknowledging it's been a long time since you've heard from me. I've had some major changes in my life and I promise to fill you in on some of the details in a future post. I learned about this super-simple snack recipe from a friend. He and his wife have been making these delicious egg muffins — he calls them "Egg... more
Tree of Life breastfeeding images
The first Tree of Life image I saw was in a closed Facebook group of breastfeeding mamas in the Twin Cities. Ashley Vanderwerf shared a photo she edited in a post to the group. Screenshot shared with permissionThe original post Her post was simple and beautiful:"I edited this picture of my daughter nursing. If anyone wants me to... more
We voted!
Four years ago on Election Day I brought my 9-month-old daughter with me to the polls. She obviously doesn't remember it, but I hope she'll remember coming to vote with me today.Personalizing Election Day I knew I'd get an iconic "I Voted" sticker after I feeding my ballot into the machine, but I didn't know if they'd give a sticker to... more
Breastmilk vs. formula
Since becoming a MoM (Mom of Multiples), I've been fortunate enough to join some amazing Facebook groups where moms can share photos and stories, ask questions and offer advice — all in a safe and positive environment. I read a post from a mom with newborn twins who was struggling with nursing and pumping and wondering what to do.... more
Hot car seat? Problem solved!
We’re in the middle of a heat wave in Minnesota, and that means hot cars. Hot cars also mean hot car seats. Today I’d like to share a trick I figured out to help keep your little one’s car seat (especially the buckles) from getting too hot. The idea came to me a couple weeks ago, and in the heat this past Wednesday I finally tested... more
Crib sheet life hack
At some point, it happens to all parents. Your baby spits up all over in the crib. Or your toddler gets sick and throws up in bed. Or your recently-potty-trained preschooler has an accident while sleeping. When these things happen in the middle of the night, they're even more difficult to deal with. You need to clean up the... more
Tandem-nursing twins? Oh, yes you can!
When I found out I was carrying not one, but two babies, I was in shock. The funny thing about it was that I knew twins ran in my family and was trying to prepare myself for that possibility before I got pregnant with my (now 3-year-old) daughter. This time around, the possibility of twins hadn't even crossed my mind. After the news... more
The high chair you can take anywhere!
When expecting our first child, we knew we were going to need a high chair, but we didn't know which one to choose. Our kitchen is pretty small, so we definitely didn't have space for a freestanding high chair — they seemed too big to me anyway. We agreed getting a high chair that straps onto a regular chair made the most sense.... more
Twins are here!
I can't believe my twin babies are three months old! My toddler will officially become a 3-year-old this month, too. Where has the time gone? I've been back at work for a few weeks now and finally feel caught up on things and able to write this post. (I'm a graphic designer first, mommy blogger second.) Back to work It... more
Get out the diapers, get out the pins, oh my gosh... I'm having TWINS!
Our daughter was about to turn 2 and we thought we were ready to have another baby. My husband and I each grew up with an older sister and we wanted our daughter to grow up with a sibling, too. Watching her play with her dolls and stuffed animals really showed the potential she has to be an amazing big sister.It wasn't long before I... more
Shoes that helped my daughter open up around new people
I attended my first JBF sale (that's Just Between Friends if you don't know out about them yet) last September. I had a list of a few things I was looking for, but I also didn't know what to expect. It was impressively organized and made shopping less overwhelming. The first pair I stopped to check out some shoes and found these... more
13 necessities for parent/child swim lessons
My 2-year-old daughter loves playing in water, so I thought signing us up for some parent/child swimming lessons would be a good idea. It's been really great spending time in a warm pool in the middle of winter. I signed us up to take a Parent & Child Class through Bloomington/Richfield Community Education Services. We've had... more
Overwhelmed by immunizations?
As a first-time parent, keeping track of your child's immunizations can be a bit overwhelming. This is understandable because starting at 2 months of age, almost every "well child" doctor's visit involves at least one immunization. No wonder my daughter seems nervous when she sees people wearing doctor's scrubs.Looking at the... more
An honest video every mom should watch
I wanted to share this video in case you missed it the first time around... It's a video that EVERY mom should watch. If you've ever felt like you made a bad choice, said something wrong, did something wrong, or questioned yourself as a parent for any reason, you need to watch this. The video shows what a group of moms think about... more
The secret to soft peanut butter cookies
The first cookies I ever baked from scratch were peanut butter. I remember how amazing they tasted straight out of the oven — with a glass of cold milk, of course! (I also remember how hard and crunchy they were the next day — regardless of what kind of container I stored them in, but we'll get to that later.) The idea.... more
Modify your baby mobile for less than $5 (without any tools)
The baby mobile. That adorable musical nursery accessory expectant mothers envision as part of the ideal nursery for their baby. I was no different. The bedding set I fell in love with was the Disney Baby Peeking Pooh crib set. I've been a Winnie the Pooh fan for as long as I can remember and I'm especially partial to Tigger. The... more
Photos, and refills, and rewards cards! Oh, my!
I take a lot of photos of my daughter... and I mean a LOT. We took her to the Minnesota Zoo for the first time over the weekend, and I took over 200 photos between by phone and digital camera. We were at the zoo for about four hours. When photographing my daughter, I usually take about 10 photos at a time in hopes that I'll end up... more
What to Expect: The app that can be your 'village'
It was official — I was pregnant. I'd suspected I could be, taken a home test and gotten confirmation from my doctor's office. What happened next?One of the first things I did after getting the results from my blood test was to go to Target and pick up a copy of the book every expectant mother should read. Of course I'm talking about... more
The app all new (or expectant) parents NEED to have
Being a new mom is overwhelming. Amidst the post-delivery waves of emotions, you're expected to know details about everything relating to your baby. In the hospital, the nurses ask you how many wet or dirty diapers has your newborn had today (and they're speaking in 24-hour increments since the time of birth, not calendar days), when did... more
Container labels that can survive the dishwasher
Making baby food at home is a great way to save money. It also cuts down on the amount of garbage and recycling you produce compared to buying prepackaged baby food. Another crucial product I used when making baby food for my daughter was my DYMO LetraTag Label Maker. It's really easy to use, and you can switch label cartridges in a... more
Freezer food containers that won't leak!
If you're going to make baby food at home, I recommend preparing large batches of a few different foods at one time. You'll spend less time prepping everything and cleanup will go a lot quicker. This will save time compared to making small batches of food throughout the week.You can freeze the food so it's ready when you need it. I found... more
Puree parties and homemade smoothies
Making baby food at home takes time and effort, but I've found a few tools to help make it easier. When it comes to pureeing the food, blenders and food processors are loud (and annoying to clean). I found a great tool that doesn't use electricity and is much quieter — the Smooth Chopper I bought from a Tupperware... more
Try some carrot puree
After the success we had giving our daughter fresh mashed banana instead of prepackaged baby food (see my previous post), we decided to attempt making all of her baby food ourselves. Since we started with a fruit, we decided try a vegetable next. I steamed some carrots using my Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer — this thing worked... more
Who doesn’t like bananas?
Our first attempt at giving our daughter solid food besides baby cereal/oatmeal didn't start out well. She'd been expressing interest in everything we were eating for a couple weeks; she would even smack her lips sitting in the exersaucer while we ate like she was trying to show us she was ready to eat “real” food like us.... more
Who is Moe-Mama?
I am a graphic designer, wife, and fairly new mom. My 17-month-old daughter loves reading books, climbing up onto furniture, running around in the yard and playing with her toys. My main hope for this blog is to share information about products I’ve used with or for her. Please note that everything you read on this blog is... more