An honest video every mom should watch

I wanted to share this video in case you missed it the first time around... It's a video that EVERY mom should watch. If you've ever felt like you made a bad choice, said something wrong, did something wrong, or questioned yourself as a parent for any reason, you need to watch this. 

The video shows what a group of moms think about themselves as parents... and then shows you all the things their children had to say about them as moms. It's an amazing video, and there's a good chance it'll make you cry. I bawled my eyes out — and that's okay because sometimes you need to just let the emotions out. 

Check it out:

Moms: The next time you have a tough day and feel like you're not doing things right, watch this video and remember that your children love you... even on the tough days.

Valerie Moe is the Senior Graphic Designer for Minnesota Parent magazine. She lives in Bloomington with her husband and their 23-month-old daughter. You can comment below or contact her directly here.