Container labels that can survive the dishwasher

Making baby food at home is a great way to save money. It also cuts down on the amount of garbage and recycling you produce compared to buying prepackaged baby food. 

Another crucial product I used when making baby food for my daughter was my DYMO LetraTag Label Maker. It's really easy to use, and you can switch label cartridges in a matter of seconds. 

DYMO makes white plastic labels that are extremely durable. You can put them onto your food containers and send them through the dishwasher without worrying they will fade, peel or fall off. 

We made all of our daughter's baby food at home. For some useful tools to make large batches of baby food at home, please see my previous posts about the Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer and Power Chef System.

We used OXO Baby Blocks containers to bring homemade baby food to daycare (see my previous post for more info). Everything that goes to daycare has to be labeled with the child's first and last name, so it was convenient to have plastic labels on all of my daughter's food containers.

The plastic labels stayed on the containers even after being stored in the freezer, heated in the microwave, and MULTIPLE cycles through the dishwasher! 

I've used my label maker for many home (or organizational) projects over the years. The following list shows six of my favorite uncommon uses. 

This label maker isn't a one-trick pony. You can put labels on a LOT more things than you'd think. There are different kinds of label tape available: white, colored or clear plastic, paper, metallic, and fabric iron-on.

1. Containers of baby food

I used plastic labels on containers of homemade baby food. If taking food to daycare, add labels with your child's name. Also add labels stating the type of food and what day you prepared/froze it. Even after being exposed to the freezer, microwave and dishwasher, the plastic labels stay on.

2. Empty plastic containers

I added labels to empty spreadable butter containers and used them for coffee and my daughter's snacks (Cheerios, Life cereal, Goldfish crackers, etc.) while traveling and camping. The labels should prevent you from accidentally grabbing the coffee when your hungry toddler is waiting for Cheerios.

3. Travel-size bottles

I also put plastic labels onto my travel-size bottles. This is a great way to prevent getting your body wash mixed up with your hand lotion. Plastic labels are waterproof and will stay on even after MULTIPLE showers.

4. Bike locks & keys

I used plastic labels to differentiate between my bike lock and my husband's. Avoid fumbling around trying multiple keys before you find the one that fits. Add a label to one bike lock and the corresponding key(s). The plastic labels are waterproof and durable so they won't peel off. 

5. Garbage & recycling cans

After having multiple guests ask which container is for garbage and which is for recycling, I added labels to the lids. Make it obvious that you recycle, and also which container is for what so your children and guests don't have to ask. Plastic labels are durable and easy to clean. 

6. Cleaning products 

One of the first things I used my label maker for was to add labels to the neck of the cleaning product bottles under the sink. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for instead of pulling out 10 bottles before you find the tile cleaner. 

My DYMO LetraTag Label Maker was a wedding gift (my in-laws were surprised by how excited I was to open it), but I've bought label refills from Target since then.

For a list of a few retailers offering the label maker and label tape refills, please see the Resources bar on the right side of the page. There are also links to the User Guide and Quick Reference Guide so you can learn more about the functionality of the label maker.

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