Puree parties and homemade smoothies

Making baby food at home takes time and effort, but I've found a few tools to help make it easier. When it comes to pureeing the food, blenders and food processors are loud (and annoying to clean). 

I found a great tool that doesn't use electricity and is much quieter — the Smooth Chopper I bought from a Tupperware party. On more than one occasion, I was steaming and pureeing baby food after my daughter was asleep for the night so this tool was extremely helpful. 

In my previous post, I talked about steaming fruits and veggies using a Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer and then pureeing them with my Smooth Chopper to make baby food.

I used my Smooth Chopper to puree steamed carrots, baked apples (homemade applesauce = delicious!), baked sweet potatoes (a favorite from the start) and baked squash (my daughter especially liked squash from grandpa's garden). 

My husband really enjoyed baking the apples, carrots and squash for her. He's such a good cook! I totally would have cooked the sweet potatoes and squash in the steamer (it would have been quicker), but our daughter definitely enjoyed the baked veggies.

We would steam/bake/puree a bunch of food on the weekend after she was asleep. Call it a puree party for two — it was nice to cook together in the kitchen and talk. :)

We also tried pureeing green beans and broccoli, but those were less appealing to her. We probably should have saved them for when she got a little older and was ready for table food — she LOVES green beans now!

The Smooth Chopper is great for pureeing larger amounts of food so you can freeze them for future use. I'll tell you about some fantastic food storage containers in my next post.

The version of the chopper that I have is no longer available from Tupperware. However, it appears they have a new and improved version that comes with more attachments to make using it even easier! 

The new product is called the Power Chef System. It has a funnel with measurements that you insert into the lid so you can measure and add liquids into the chopper without needing to remove the lid first! Check out the video to see it in action!

I originally bought the Smooth Chopper to make smoothies (I was pregnant at the time and smoothies were a nice treat). It's a lot of fun, simple to use and easier to clean up than a blender. Once my daughter is older, I'm sure she'll enjoy making smoothies with it — for now, she is content to sit on the floor and pull the cord (with the paddle whisk attachment inside) while I cook dinner. 

I ordered my Smooth Chopper from a Tupperware Lady, but it looks like if you still want the original version, you might have to check eBay. If I were purchasing one as a gift, I would just buy the Power Chef System ($69) because of the new and improved design. 

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