Try some carrot puree

After the success we had giving our daughter fresh mashed banana instead of prepackaged baby food (see my previous post), we decided to attempt making all of her baby food ourselves. Since we started with a fruit, we decided try a vegetable next. 

I steamed some carrots using my Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer — this thing worked great! It's fairly simple to use, and the manual has a chart that shows how long you need to steam each kind of fruit or vegetable. Even hard veggies (like carrots or sweet potatoes) steam perfectly in only 13 minutes! See photos from my first batch of carrot puree below.

The only downside is that I wish the steamer was a little larger so you could steam more food at a time. I was usually able to cut up and steam one bunch of carrots at a time. After I pureed the carrots using my Smooth Chopper (to be covered in a future post), I would usually end up with about 8 ounces of carrot puree.

You can also use it to steam-sterilize items, but because of the size and shape of the steamer, I found it easier to use Micro-Steam Bags (to be covered in a future post) in the microwave instead. 

I got my Baby Bullet Turbo Steamer as a gift, but you can order one online from Target (5% off your purchase + free shipping if you use a Target card), but they don't sell it in store.

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