Who doesn’t like bananas?

Our first attempt at giving our daughter solid food besides baby cereal/oatmeal didn't start out well. She'd been expressing interest in everything we were eating for a couple weeks; she would even smack her lips sitting in the exersaucer while we ate like she was trying to show us she was ready to eat “real” food like us. 

We tried to feed her some baby food bananas, but she made a funny face and didn’t seem interested in it. We asked each other, “Who doesn’t like bananas? There has to be a reason she’s not excited to eat this.” My husband tasted a small spoonful of the baby food and said it tasted a little sour. We decided to mash up a real banana and try that instead. 

We used the Mash & Serve Bowl from Annabel Karmel and it worked amazingly! My daughter was SUPER excited to eat the banana, and would open her mouth again as soon as she had swallowed (imagine a baby bird holding its little beak open waiting for food).

Both the bowl and masher have comfort grip handles that make it easy to hold onto while you’re mashing. The combination of slotted holes in the masher with the raised edges on the inside of the bowl make it super quick and easy to mash up banana (or pear, or cooked carrot, whatever) to a smooth texture that doesn’t have any lumps in it. This is a great product for single-meal food preparation.

I got my Mash & Serve Bowl as a gift, but you can order one online from Target or Walmart. Walmart actually has a product bundle (pictured below) available that includes the Mash & Serve Bowl in addition to a Munchkin Infant & Toddler Feeding Set (5 plates, 5 bowls, 6 soft tip spoons).

The bundle is a really great deal; we purchased the same Munchkin plates and spoons separately and paid more! Hopefully you can benefit from this discovery. ;o)

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