Hello and welcome

If you’re reading this post, it must be because of one of three reasons: 

1) You know me personally. 2) You stumbled here from the Parent website. 3) You are from the future, my blog has become wildly popular and you came here to see how it all began. 

To the first group: Thank you for the support. Come back sometime or if you ever think a post is particularly good, please share it.

To the second group: Please hang out for a bit and help me make this work. Let me know what you think by emailing me here or tweeting at me here. And check out some of our other columnists. They’re pretty great.

To the third group: Sure, I have millions of loyal followers now, but isn’t it crazy to think that way back in 2014 I was just an idiot writing blog posts for no one? Please buy my latest book, and be sure to watch the new series based on my life coming to Netflix. 

Now for everyone and anyone, a quick bit of background information:

I am the creative director at Minnesota Parent, the husband to an amazing woman and father of two awesome kids. 

For the purposes of this blog, I will refer to my wife as “Heidi,” my son as “Kipton” or “Kip” and my daughter as “Eden” or “Edie.” Because those are their names. I realize this may make them forever attached to this blog via an internet search, but so be it. 

Heidi and I were married in October 2007. Kip was born in December 2009 and Edie in August 2012. So at the time of this first post, my marriage is 6 and my kids 4 and 1. 

I know, third group people, it is indeed pretty crazy to think that as I am writing this my chidren are only 4 and 1, considering all they’ve accomplished now.