May 2019
Kathleen 'Kit' Broder
Parents (optional): 
Christine and Charlie Broder
Sibling (Optional): 
Isabelle, 10 months
Favorites (Optional): 

Personality: Exuberant 


Favorite toys: Dollhouse, kitchen and anything outside


Favorite booksWhere the Wild Things Are and Little Miss Big Sis


Favorite activities: Taking walks, swimming, helping with family dinners 


Favorite foods: Pizza and pasta


Her story, as told by Mom and Dad: Kit was born April 10, 2016. To our surprise, she was born with an extra chromosome and a Down syndrome diagnosis. Since that day, our lives have been changed in the best and most wonderful way! Kit is a beautiful and amazing child, who is discovering life and spreading love to everyone she meets. (She quite literally blows kisses to everyone she meets.) With her family, Kit continues to spread the message of acceptance and love, reminding everyone that being different is awesome!


Photos by Tracy Walsh Photography

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
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