Parents, we need each other!

Isn’t it funny, how all of a sudden you find you're right where you are supposed to be?

I have a lot of that happening lately, some days more than others. I'm new to the Twin Cities, after most of my life in Central and Northern California and most recently a five-year pitstop in Austin, Texas.  

It’s been months of getting lost every time my daughter has a new soccer match, trying to decide which brand of grocery shopping to stick with, and how, dear God how, to drive my rear-wheel drive Ford Explorer in the snow, as a new-snow driver.

I've made wrong turns, passed things, loved new things, disliked others and gripped, and slipped, and spun.

As a parent of two kids — my oldest a 14-year-old boy, and my youngest, an 11-year-old tween girl. I find it interesting that with each move our family's made we've experienced not just a life change, but stage changes for my kids as well.

We spent the baby, toddler and early elementary years in California, the middle grade-school years in Texas and here, in Minnesota, we're at the dawn of the middle school and high school years.

Every time we've made a move, I found that — as daunting as it seems at the beginning — the right people and neighborhood and support have shown up and have been exactly what my family's needed for that time.

It’s amazing, really: There have been mommies going through the exact same stages of parenting as me. There have been neighbors, lovingly supporting my children, buying their school fundraiser items and attending their games like grandparents. There have been co-workers with grown kids who speak to the hope of my future.

What I've learned, through all of it, is we need people. To parent, we need each other.

Through writing, I've found the courage to organize my doubts and fears in parenting by gathering up the loose ends of my questions with the wisdom and encouragement of the communities I've found myself in. 

With this blog — and my monthly column Minnesota Parent magazine — my desire is to braid our stories together, yours and mine, our struggles and our questions, so that after extracting what you need, you can go back to your circle and make it work for you.

I hope for this blog to be a place where you see me run into things in parenting, expected or unexpected, and the questions that come with those run-ins.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Minnesota Parent, and find another community of women and men that will be a part of my story. 

I look forward to our journey as we parent through these years.

Its daunting being at the beginning of this season, my son now in high school and my daughter in middle school!

I may feel lost. I will make wrong turns, I will grip, I will slip, I will spin. But that’s ok, we are in this together. And one day I will look back and smile at the connections I have made, the wisdom that has been shared and I'll be grateful, oh so grateful, to have made it through another season of parenting.

But for now, I am excited to write and live this journey out together.

Jennifer Wizbowski is a freelance writer, a mom of a tween and teen, a certified language arts teacher. She making the art of getting lost — and having questions — a positive part of her journey.