Beyond the Doofus Dad

I fit a lot of dad stereotypes. I tell lame jokes. I try and fail to fix things myself. I can't do anything with my daughter's hair. 

But despite fitting some stereotypes and a landslide of father failings, I am not a Doofus Dad. You know the type — the classic Homer Simpson. There's countless fictional examples, but not many real ones, because they really don't exist.

The stereotype continues, though, thanks to portrayals like "Daddy Day Care" It's DADS taking care of CHILDREN! Instant hilarity! Or there's the 2012 Huggies commercial which gave the diapers: "The toughest test — dads, alone with their babies." ALONE?! What a nightmare! 

That's why it's refreshing to see commercials like this Canadian one. It's for Peanut Butter Cheerios and although it's following the Old Spice trend, it's hilarious in its own way. And it features a competent, involved, and cool dad. 

Check it out: