Jude Mikal
As I hide in my basement for three hours of uninterrupted work time, my wife is upstairs managing an endless series of Zoom check-ins for my fifth-grader whose schoolwork has just picked up again after a three-week hiatus.To boot, our youngest is in his final year of pre-school and so we’re also managing bi-weekly Zoom meetings for his class that can only be described as herding cats.In 20 short minutes, it will be my turn to move upstairs, to allow my wife to cloister herself off in our... more
Man vs. serpent
I’m afraid of snakes. Irrationally, terribly afraid. So when I saw one in my yard — MY yard — last week, I did not take it lightly. A true monster, this garter was fully grown — upwards of 20 inches.It slid away as I moved a bag of grass clippings along my garage. Faster than I would have thought possible, right into a row of thick... more
Keeping calm
Kipton got his first “big boy” bike for Christmas this year. It’s a blue Huffy with training wheels. And of course it had the one feature he insisted on — the world’s loudest horn. Naturally, he grew more and more restless to try his bike as the winter dragged on. When it was finally warm enough for him to give it a try outside, he... more