Jude Mikal
A groundbreaking study out of San Diego State University in California showed that adolescents who spent more time on new media, including both social media websites and smartphones, were at a greater risk of mental health issues, including depression.Hardly the first of its kind, research has consistently shown negative outcomes associated with too much screen time.Nevertheless, the study garnered significant attention in the press by looking at a nationally representative group of over half-a... more
Ready for K
The transition to kindergarten is a big deal — whether you’re preparing your first child, the last in your brood or your cherished only. The biggest question on your mind is likely, “Is she ready?” Especially now, when it seems like kindergarten readiness is about more than being able to sit for story time and play nicely with... more
Raising the bar — for all
Last winter I lied to my math class for four whole weeks. Let me explain: In fourth grade we have our students take a pretest, and then, using the results, we group them by how much they already know about the concepts. Last winter, I taught the “high” group. I loved moving at a fast pace and throwing out puzzle challenges... more