Mary Rose and Laura
Nana & Mama
MAMAAs I sit down to write this column, my family is about one month into social distancing. It’s hard to believe how abruptly everything around us has changed. Even pre-pandemic, as full-time working parents of a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, we thought we were busy, that we had very little free time in our schedules and that we were master multitaskers.Oh, if we only knew what was coming in 2020.For the past month, my wife and I have been balancing the demands of our full-time jobs (working... more
Doing daycare
NANAWhen my daughter announced that her family would be moving back to Minneapolis from Denver, I contemplated the possibility of doing daycare one day a week for our two young grandkids. The theme song that best represents what it took to make that happen is It Don’t Come Easy by Ringo Starr.  The easiest part was getting my... more
Moving with kids!
MAMA:Two young kids (3 years old and 8 months old), two big dogs, one 16-foot moving pod, two cars, one U-Haul trailer and 946 miles to go. The math was stacked against us, but my wife and I decided to take the leap and sell our home in Denver and upgrade to a larger home — closer to family and friends — in Minneapolis. We... more
When a two-parent team is down to one
MAMA:As full-time working moms — of a toddler and newborn — my wife and I were just hitting our stride, feeling like skilled multitaskers, who handled the challenges of day-to-day life pretty well, all things considered. However, when my wife needed to have surgery — that required an intense recovery period — we were reminded... more
Bringing home Baby No. 2
MAMAThis past fall, my wife and I had our second child. Our first, Kellan, was 2 1/2 when his little sister, Rory, was born. While we knew it’d be an adjustment for us to become parents of two, unlike our toddler, we had a long time to get used to the idea and plan for it. Like many parents, we worried about how the transition to a... more
Staying in touch
MAMA: We live 1,000 miles away from my parents. When our son was born, I wasn’t sure how the distance might affect his relationship with his grandparents. But over the past 2.5 years we’ve developed a system that’s worked really well to bridge the gap as much as possible. Although Kellan sees my parents in person only once every few... more
The slippery slope of advice
MAMA: By the time I became a parent in 2016, the Internet had already become a wealth of information on child development, health and parenting. But even in the era of Google, my family and friends — and strangers alike — were more than happy to share their wisdom and stories with us, welcome or not.... more
Make time for date night!
Mama:My son recently turned 2, and I’ve been in a reflective mood about all the things my spouse and I have learned about parenting during the past two years. Our relationship is stronger now than ever before and I think one of the factors that’s helped us is our prioritization of date time. Creating time and space for dates takes... more
Cry-free childcare?
MAMA: Before my son, Kellan, arrived, the childcare decision was all about logistics: How close was the daycare? What were the hours? How much did it cost?That is, until the first day I dropped him off at the daycare center we had chosen. I stayed for about 30 minutes, watching in disbelief as the reality of... more
An easy-peasy first party
Mama: One day, when I was dropping Kellan off at daycare, his teacher asked me how I felt about him turning 1 in a few weeks and the upcoming switch to the next-stage daycare room.I looked around the infant classroom that had been his home for the past nine months and it hit me that he was no longer one of the youngest babies in the... more
Party fare!
Throwing a gathering any time soon? This crowd-pleasing recipe is easy to double, and it’s kid friendly, too.Nana’s Homemade Mac and CheeseIngredients ½ pound elbow macaroni, cooked al dente and drained6 tablespoons butter, divided3 tablespoons flour1 tablespoon dry mustard3 cups milk½ cup yellow onion, finely chopped1 bay leaf½... more
Guac you'll love!
Uncle Tyler’s Addictive Guacamole Ingredients 3 ripe avocados, pitted and scooped out1 lime, juiced½ teaspoon kosher salt½ teaspoon cumin½ teaspoon cayenne pepper½ medium red onion, diced1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced (optional)2 Roma tomatoes, seeded and diced1–2 tablespoons chopped cilantro1 clove garlic,... more
Birth-day expectations
MamaAfter the excitement of the positive pregnancy test wore off a bit, my partner (Galen) and I began talking through what was ahead, including when and how we’d tell our friends and family about the pregnancy, which parenting classes we’d take and, of course, how we’d handle communication around the birth of our little one.Because my... more