This is goodbye!

Alas, the time has come: After six years of serving as editor of Minnesota Parent, I’m heading to a new job at an amazing local company.

When I started in this role, my son was just 5 years old, halfway through his kindergarten year.

Now, he’s set to enter junior high — seventh-grade! — this fall. As he moves onto a new school and phase in his life, I’ve decided I’m ready to do the same. (I’ll also be leaving my other editor role at Minnesota Good Age.)

Indeed, the time feels right to hand the baton to another content curator. With our locally owned and operated company at the helm — Minnesota Premier Publications — and our talented crew of journalists, you’re in excellent hands.

Yes, I’m thrilled, excited and a bit scared for a new chapter in my career. I’m also heartsick about not getting to create these amazing magazines every single month with an all-star cast of contributing writers, photographers and designers, who are almost all parents themselves.

Our contributors ARE Minnesota Parent. Their words and images have created a community — a cadre of in-it-now child rearers, telling it like it is and sharing news to help us all feel less alone, more confident and even supported in the universal journey of taking care of tiny (and not so tiny) humans.

I can’t believe all the things we’ve covered over the years — the good, the bad, the ugly, the befuddling. Indeed, parenting is as vast as humanity.

With our latest issues we’re doing our best to help you tackle parenting during the pandemic — and now a world reeling from yet another tragedy, plus protests, more violence and division.

This time has felt unprecedented. Unparalleled. And now everyday it seems moreso.

I don’t have solutions — except to say we have to take it all, as we do with parenting, one day at a time. And we can’t give up hope for a better future.

Start by sticking to the basics we’ve talked about over the years in this magazine:

• Be honest with your kids.

• Share your values. Live them, too.

• Don’t skip over the topic of race. Celebrate and embrace diversity. Read books with all kinds of characters.

• Day to day, follow your gut. Avoid perfectionism — for them and for you. Pick your battles. 

• Don’t judge other parents — ever.

• Put on your own facemask first (no, really, literally and metaphorically). In other words, take care of yourself first. Wrong as it might feel, it’s right.

• And take time to bask in the good — wherever and whenever you can find it. It’s there, though you may struggle to find it many days.

Thank you for allowing me to set the tone for this community, online and in print, for half a decade.

I will miss it — and you — ever so deeply. 

Please, stay safe — and stay in touch!

Photo by Tracy Walsh Photography