A new chapter

Yep. Here we are with another issue of Minnesota Parent, still kicking, still humming right along, in fact, despite “all that’s been going on.”

Though our issues have become bi-monthly — that’s every other month — due to the economic environment caused by COVID-19, we’re delighted to present to you our latest work.

Despite the fact that I accepted another job back in May, I’ve stuck around as interim editor because I just can’t quit this wonderful gig — not when I had a chance to write a cover story about Joe Mailander of The Okee Dokee Brothers, a deal that had been in the works since January. Not when we were in the middle of pulling together stories that helped parents process racial injustice with their kids, deal with the pandemic and get through everyday parenting issues. And not when we hadn’t found just the right editor to take over the helm.

But guess what? We did finally find the right editor and her name is Jenny Stanley.

Not only is she a super-mama to a teenage daughter, she’s also a smart editor and writer with more than a decade of experience in both print and digital publishing.

When she’s away from her computer, she enjoys doing anything outdoors, including impromptu photoshoots with her kid, but especially running, kayaking and taking evening walks with her husband.

I know Jenny personally and I have to tell you she’s an all-around good soul, adored by all who know her.

More important, she’s a content wizard, brimming with terrific ideas for future issues.

I truly can’t wait to see what she does to take the magazine to the next level. Her energy, insight and awareness will serve you well.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy these painstakingly prepared pages, including a continued commitment to our #voicesofcolor initiative.

Though we’re just getting started in our effort to include more diverse voices in our magazine (a push that launched back in October 2019), we’re sticking with it. In this issue, you’ll find the words of local author Timi Bliss, who’s asking tough questions about the absence of Black kids in children’s literature on our Bookshelf pages.

Jenny has pledged to carry our efforts forward in creating real change, even if we are starting small.

Thank you, again, for letting me publish one more magazine. I hope you enjoy it!