So many firsts

Jenny Stanley
Jenny Stanley

How fitting that my first issue as editor of Minnesota Parent is the annual Baby Issue! Not because I’m a new mom — my one and only child is a teenager, so I’ve been in the game for a while now — but because, like this issue is for me, there are so many firsts for a baby.

From the moment we hold our newborn in our arms, we anxiously await her first smile, her first step, her first sentence! And though she’s in for a lifetime of firsts, there’s something magical about that first year. So many amazing milestones in such a short amount of time!

But as Dr. Byrne of Children’s Minnesota says in this issue’s feature on the topic, “One of the biggest misconceptions families have is that babies are supposed to hit these milestones within a very specific timeframe.” For first-time parents, milestones are especially difficult to ignore. It’s easy to get wrapped up in when your baby should start crawling, but the truth is — she may skip it all together! Flip to the article to learn some expert tips (and more busted myths) for helping your baby achieve her firsts at her own, unique pace.

While babies are awe-inspiring, so are parents. We experience firsts, too, and that’s what makes Minnesota Parent so important. It’s reassuring to know that while you’re experiencing the first time asking for help during the postpartum period or the first time working from home with a little one or the first time showing your kids how to be a catalyst for positive change against social injustice, there are many other local parents who are experiencing those firsts right alongside you.

As if parenting isn’t challenging enough, throw in all the things that have made the last six months unprecedented times, and it’s a whole new ballgame. Luckily, we have peers here to remind us that it’s OK — no, necessary — to make leisure time for yourself, and caring professionals to remind us to be mindful of our own mental health.

I am beyond proud to be the new editor of this amazing publication, and I look forward to continuing to serve up helpful, inspirational content for busy moms and dads in the Twin Cities and beyond. So sit back and spend a few moments with the following pages to see how other Minnesota families are navigating parenthood with you.