A maternity board book for parents

Need a gift for that upcoming baby shower? Or maybe something fun for your pregnant self? 

Check out the brand-new, soon-to-be-classic: The Fruits of Your Labor: A Baby-Sized Guide To Your Baby’s Size.

This 72-page, 6-by-6-inch board book begins with a sweet pea and continues to a watermelon. Each week of pregnancy is documented with endearing illustrations and playful quips that feature adult humor, but read as if directed toward the baby. 

Week 15, for example, reads: “This week you are the size of an: Orange. The name of the fruit was coined in the 1300s. Before the color was named in the 1500s. It literally took two hundred years.” Week 20: “Sweet potato. Sweet potatoes are roots. Wonder if they’ve ever met Questlove.” 

Learn more at powerhousearena.com.

Fruits of Your Labor