A postpartum care registry

Baby showers are fun celebrations. They also help outfit babies with clothes, gear and more from trusted friends and family. 

But stuff isn’t what parents need most after the birth of a baby. What mothers and fathers really need is in-home support. 

And how can they get that?

Well, thanks to Marabou Services — founded by Twin Cities mama Carrie Gaynor — parents-to-be nationwide can now set up postpartum care registries to cover such services, including postpartum doulas, cleaning teams and childcare.

“Our registries allow family and friends to collectively gift a mother in-home support,” Gaynor said. “But what we’re really hoping to accomplish is to fix the broken state of postpartum in America.” 

All donations are accepted online in a crowd-funding platform — and can be used at any service the registering family chooses.

“Instead of one person paying for an entire service, many can chip in to collectively gift it,” Gaynor said.

Suggested gifts on the site include 20 hours of postpartum doula care; six meals from an in-home chef/cook; six weeks of house cleaning; or 20 hours of childcare. 

“When mothers are properly supported,” Gaynor said, “evidence shows it reduces postpartum depression and feelings of isolation, minimizes postpartum medical visits and does wonders to support breastfeeding goals.”

Learn more, including how to find local postpartum support services, at marabouservices.com.