Cool stool for schoolwork

Active Chair by Studico
Active Chair by Studico

Remember when adults used to tell kids to sit still in school? Turns out a little fidgeting is a good thing, especially for kids with attention-deficit and/or hyperactivity disorders. In fact, many schools now equip classrooms with one or more moveable seating options that allow kids to rock, bounce, swing a foot rest and more. The added motion isn’t a distraction — it actually helps kids be more engaged in class and focus on their schoolwork. Brilliant! 

But, wait, what if your kid isn’t in a classroom this fall? What if his classroom is the kitchen or his bedroom? What if he can’t seem to sit in one place for five minutes to get some schoolwork done at home? Enter the wobble chair. 

With remote learning a challenging reality for many Minnesota families right now, bringing a moveable seating option into the equation could help create a bit more of a classroom feel for your student.

The Active Chair by Studico wobbles as your child wiggles, helping to not only keep his attention on schoolwork, but also strengthen his core and improve his posture while sitting in one place for an extended amount of time. The seat is topped with a layer of foam for comfort, and the base features different textures designed for fidgety feet. It comes in four different sizes and several color options. 

Starting at $30,