From the editor :: Births and rebirths

Somehow, it just seems appropriate that our annual baby issue also heralds the rebirth of Minnesota Parent magazine. While our gestational period was more akin to the length of two trimesters than a 40-week pregnancy, 
I would have to say symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, sleeplessness, and expansion were definitely part of the experience.  

We are thrilled to be able to do this for you, to put time, effort, and money into something important, something you can pick up for free every month.

Maybe because early springtime was upon us and we felt it was time for a change, or maybe we just wanted to thumb our noses at the woeful economy, but in March, we began to plot the rebirth. Into April, we started looking at paper and possibilities. By May, we were examining fonts and type sizes; and discussing content changes. By early June we had decided on a new logo, and into July, everything about the interior was questioned and reworked. My editorial changes include an expanded calendar we’ve renamed Out & About as well as content adjusted to reflect our core readership.

Along with the rebirth is support from our advertisers, which ensured we could put out an issue full of terrific information. Check out our piece on cooperative babysitting, beginning on page 12; information on when you should initiate your child’s first dental checkup on page 18 (along with a handy pullout you can use to track your own child’s dental development); answers to questions about postpartum depression on page 24; and visit with TV personality Ron Schara, sharing his philosophies about child—and grandchild—rearing on page 44.

I would relish turning this editor’s note into a lovefest for everyone who worked so hard to bring this magazine up to the level it now rests on, but they know who they are. So, I’ll just say, Thanks. And, thanks to you, for supporting us in all we do.

Kathleen Stoehr